Welcome!  I’m glad you could make it!  I know why you’re here.  You are searching…….Perhaps you were like me 6 years ago and you feel lost.  You know you are meant for great things and you can’t quite figure out what that is.  You need a purpose, a reason to get up and live to your full potential everyday.  You’ve got that feeling that there is something out there that is really great for you!  It’s out there somewhere, you’ve just got to find it for both your physical and mental well-being.  I’m here to tell you that it’s all possible!

I am a proud mother of 4 gorgeous children & a wife to my best friend.  I searched for ways to create balance in my life as a wife, mother & Entrepreneur.  Over the years I’ve done major research about toxic-free living.  This led to the discovery of how Young Living Essential Oils & Wellness products could profoundly restore my stressed body & create a safe & happy home for my family.   As a mom and fitness fanatic, it’s important I fuel my body with the best products and supplement.  That’s why I choose Young Living!

Tudo acontece por uma razão… ‘Everything Happens for a Reason!’   you don’t think it’s just by accident that you landed here and we are now connected, do you?!  I’m here to tell you that life can be AMAZING!  OUTSTANDING!  FUN!  INCREDIBLE!  ENJOYABLE! and to help teach you about the tools that will make all of that a reality!

Allow me to guide and support you with Young Living Essential Oils + Wellness Strategies