Practicing Forgiveness

Bring what you have and God will do what he does. He’s been telling me to practice forgiveness for a very long time. Most recently the urge has been stronger. It’s the thing I think I struggle with the most.

We are so weird as humans, that we often stay in an uncomfortable place because it’s been so comfortable to us, and very familiar. Even when we know it’s not serving us. We often allow fear to take over.

I often have fear of forgiveness when I feel like I’m losing control. Trying to control everything only made everything worse! I need to remember to trust!

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Sean’s addictions were actually a gift ! *gasps* I’m serious. In the moment it obviously wasn’t. But looking back, the struggles and hardships we experienced are what made us stronger, taught us very valuable lessons and gave us a place that God worked in deeply so we could be free in our marriage.

I now see that forgiveness doesn’t mean I approve or like what someone has done to me. I forgive to allow my heart and soul to feel peace & joy. Leaning into the hurt and yucky feelings actually allows me to release them more easily. In turn, God blesses me with a life full of so much abundance & love.

Want to live in peace, stretch on forgiveness! Want to live in abundance , stretch generosity! Stretch what you want strengthened. Old routines won’t get you where you want to be.

And YES! Theres an oil for that 🙌🏼💧✨

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Watch me do the Feelings Oily Protocol here

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