Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover

90% of the items in this room were Thrifted!

The master bedroom is finally complete!! ⁣ it’s been 13 years since we bought our 1870’s Century Home. We did a bedroom makeover 5 years ago, that started with needing a new mattress and tuned into a new bed, lamps, dresser and so on. You know how that goes!

My style is farmhouse vintage with touches of antiques and many many repurposed & thrifted items. I will pin what I love on Pinterest and then go hunting for what I need. I love the thrill of the hunt and making something old, new and loved again!

This month we moved our bedroom downstairs. My husband and I wanted more privacy from our kids now that their older. Plus we wanted them to have bigger rooms. So we shuffled everyone around. Our new Master bedroom has been many things including my wellness spa, office and our home gym at one point. ⁣

Even though we don’t have a kitchen right now …..because it’s being renovated, it’s nice to have this space to be in. It’s important to Love your Bedroom. It should be a room you love and want to spend time in. ⁣
When everything around us is a mess and under construction, it’s the one room I can escape to and relax in. ⁣

90% of the items in this room were Thrifted. I love to upcycle, repurpose and go thrifting. It’s fun and better for the environment. #lesswaste #bringbackthrifting⁣

Dolly Parton once said “As long as your Bed is made, the dishes are done and laundry is put away, your home always feels tidier and your ready for company. That’s what my Mama taught me!”⁣ #agreed⁣

I made the shelf above my bed last Night, out of all the wood and nails I had laying around. They actually came out of this house. Check out the ‘Bedroom’ highlight on Instagram for the episode.

⁣👇🏼I’d love to know!!! 👇🏼
Do you love your bedroom? Or is it time for a makeover? ⁣

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