How I met my Husband !

✨Fun fact! ✨

I met my husband at the gym 17 years ago. I had just come out of a very long relationship (and by long I mean 10 years!) and I wasn’t looking for anything serious. Sean was so shy, and cute so how could a girl resist!? We went on a few dates and we quickly fell in love. 

I asked Sean what he remembers most from that time. He said….

“I was really nervous around you. It was the first time I was dating someone and being conscious about my sobriety. I didn’t want to mess it up because I didn’t think I would have another chance ……..and you were soooooo pretty!”

What followed in the next 10 years was a complete roller coaster. I will say I’m grateful for it all because it has changed our lives for the better.  Even now, when we are in the gym, and he looks over at me with that smile, I melt and still feel all the feels 😍 He loves to sneak in some kisses too! If you’re like me and you love romantic sappy PDA kinda stuff…..then Check this out!

Our first date was at East Side Mario’s. It took him 3 days and lots of dropped hints to finally ask me out to dinner. I remember how nervous he was. He didn’t say much because he was so shy, but I liked that about him. His cell phone rang and I told him to answer it. It was his Sister. She asked what he was doing and he told her he was on a date ‘with the girl, from the gym.’ She gave him shit for answering his phone while on a date! He was so embarrassed. His response is how I also knew he had been talking about me before we actually had our first date. He drove me home after dinner. I invited him in and he said “My Dad told me never to go in on the first date” to which I replied “so there’s going to be a second?” to which he replied “yes I’d like that!” I melted!

On our 4th wedding anniversary, we decided to go back to East Side Mario’s for dinner because they were tearing down the building soon and rebuilding the restaurant in a new location. It was a date I will never forget because we ended up sitting at the exact same booth….and get this….we had the exact same waitress!!! We told her our story and we ask thought that was so incredible!

This November we will celebrate out 16 year Wedding Anniversary. We have lots to celebrate and be grateful for.

The Best workout partner!!

Every time we go to the gym, it’s like we are on a date. We love that time together!

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