Gratitude Can Change The World!

Having an attitude of gratitude changes the molecular structure of the brain and makes us healthier and happier. When you feel happiness, the central nervous system is affected. You are more peaceful, less reactive and less resistant. Now that’s a really cool way of taking care of your well-being.

Gratitude unshackles us from toxic emotions. It helps even if you don’t share it. Practicing Gratitude’s benefits take time & practice. You might not feel it right away. Gratitude also has lasting effects on the brain.

Here are 3 simple things you can do each day to practice gratitude, empathy & compassion to make your inner & outer world more peaceful. Because it starts with self.

1. Gratitude journal

2. Prayer & Meditation

3. Complaint free in my words & in my head.

I’ve started waking up one hour earlier in my day to fit the first two in. I have noticed I feel better, happier, less stress and having more restful sleep.

I like to do these in the morning because I’m more alert and I can focus without interruption. It starts my day off in a good way.

With the gratitude part, I will find 5 things I’m grateful for in the last 24 hours and 2 reasons I’m grateful for each. That way I’m really looking for things to be grateful for each day. It gives everything more meaning and I am much more intentional.

I have a few devotionals that I enjoy reading each day that help me learn more about the good word and how to live in all His glory. I also say many prayers through the day for people I know who are struggling or if I find I have a moment where I need Gods strength.

Applying Essential Oils with intention also helps me feel grounded, happy and focused. Some of my favourites are Believe, Abundance, Lavender, Sacred Frankincense, Valor, Peace & Calming.

You can grab essential oils here

One of my favourite oil routines that I do at least once a day, sometimes more as I feel I need it, is my Happy Day Protocol.

Going Complaint free for one week is something my husband I began as a challenge to one another. Cutting out gossip or criticism is also part of this. We then started challenging our friends. The feedback has been over whelming !!! So many people have noticed a huge change in how much better they feel. Most of us don’t even realize how much we actually complain everyday. I know I didn’t. It wasn’t so much in my spoken words, but more about how much I was doing in my head!

I’m not gonna lie, I have found the complaint free challenge challenging. But what I know is becoming aware, committing to making the effort and teaching others to do this with us has definitely impacted me in such a profound way! In such a great way!

It is said it takes 30 Days to form a habit & 90 days for it to become a lifestyle. It starts with small steps and working at it everyday. Practice these simple things and you will only get better!

When I catch myself complaining, I immediately change my thoughts to find the good in that moment or situation. Then I think of something I’m grateful for. It changes my mindset immediately. Remember our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions.

Join us and challenge yourself to go #complaintfree for one week. {click the hashtag to watch the video} Post about it and use the hashtag to inspire others to join you! Everything is easier when your circle of people that surround you are doing it too!

Share with your friends about what your doing on your social & be sure to tag me so I can cheer you on Friend! @JenniferLopesDorsey

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