Take care of yourself first.

Take care of yourself first because you can’t pour from an empty cup!

My mother was & still is all about taking care of everyone else needs and then her own.  It’s what she enjoys doing.  Her generation basically had the belief to make sure your husband and children have all they need and that will be enough for you.

As I grew up I always noticed my Mom doing these little things.  That’s probably what her mother did too.  For example:: Taking the burnt piece of toast, the smallest piece of cake, being the last one to sit down in front of the tv with the rest of the family because the dishes weren’t going to wash themselves.  Being the last one to go to bed after doing a quick tidy around the house, driving and picking up my brother and me from our friends houses, even though she had so much to do herself…and on the list goes on.

What I’ve learnt is this –

It is important that we as moms, wives and women do special things just for us! and often.  I go for massages monthly.  I occasionally get my nails done and go for facials.  I treat myself to that beautiful piece of art or furniture for my home or buy that shirt I can’t live without.  I get out of the house and go for a coffee with a friend, or even by myself.  I tuck away in a quiet part of the house and read a magazine or play around with my makeup. I take the biggest piece of cake.  I do things that I enjoy and that make me happy….you get what I’m saying friends!?

I always vowed to myself to take care of myself, no matter what.  I believe that if I am running on a full cup, that I cantake better care of those I care about around me.  It isn’t my job to make them happy.

If I am so happy, that when others look at me, then they will become happy too.

Usually people don’t do the work until not doing the work isn’t working anymore.  And by that I mean you may have run out of steam, you are constantly tired, so tired people actually comment on how tired you look. And that feels so awful when someone actually points it out.  You’re not smiling as much or finding joy in the little things everyday.  You’ve lost your spark.  If this is how you are feeling, I’m here to tell you THAT IS NO WAY TO LIVE!  You deserve to feel GREAT.  ALL THE TIME!  You work hard, after all, parenting and taking care of a home is the hardest job on this planet.

All I’m doing is just taking care of myself and in turn I hope that inspires you to do the same.  When you take good care, you can give more to the ones you care about around you.

<3 Jxo

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