Failure makes you!

Fall on your Face!  Fail.  Fail Spectacularly.  Because when you fail, you learn.

“You don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you!”  

Mistakes make you stronger.  They make you smarter.  They make you more self-reliant.  This is when you learn who you are and you learn the greatest life lessons.  It is a gift that is given to you.  God does not give you anything that he knows you cannot handle.  He doesn’t ask if it’s ok to put you through these tough times, sometimes life altering moments.  He doesn’t ask….is it ok that I put you through these tough times so that you can have all the things you want when it’s over.  He just does it.  The rest is up to you!

When you push through and ask for help, and do the best you can….that is when so much abundance pours into your life.  That my friends, is when life becomes truly amazing.  We were designed for greatness.  You deserve everything your heart desires.  You deserve everything you want.

It all begins in your mind and ends in your mind.  What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it.  

My life is not perfect!  It’s far from perfect!  This morning during my training session, I
almost broke.  I held back tears as all these emotions started pouring in.  I wanted to throw my hands up and say Frank it!  I have set such high expectations for myself and that, in a small way, sets me up for failure.  I must make a conscious effort to change the way I think and not put so much pressure on myself because that is a blocker.  Instead, I will focus on the steps I have taken to get me to my goals.  Enjoy the journey of reaching my goals.  Celebrating along the way.

I took a moment to myself, to collect my thoughts.  That is the picture you see above.  That trying moment of wanting to give up, crawl back into bed and go back to sleep.  What advice would I give a friend who was feeling this way?  That is what I ask myself during these trying moments.  I would tell my friend that it’s going to be ok.  You are strong, you are smart, you’ve got this.

There is always someone out there that has it worse than you.  That may sound awful, but it’s the truth.  At the moment when you feel you may break, I want you to really step back and think….If I found out today that my life would end soon, is what I’m thinking and doing, right at this moment, really that important?  Can I focus on something more positive?  Where is my time and energy better spent?

You Did not wake up today to be Mediocre!

Only you can be the best you.  You can make the choice, to make a change, to get through the tough times, and live an extraordinary life.  Choose to make today a happy & successful day.  Do the work and the outcome will be spectacular!

…..and that my friends, is the truth as I know it!

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