The 2 most powerful words you say!

Have you ever said I am tired?  I am getting old?  I am looking old?

Of course you have.  I think we all have.  Did you know that what you say after those two small words ‘I am’,  are more powerful than you may even realize!

Whatever you say after those 2 teeny tiny words become the truth.

You can consciously change the way you speak and think about the intention behind your words.  If you find yourself saying these things, I am old, I am tired, you can change that.  Immediately say I am beautiful, I am energetic, I am looking good!  Eventually, you will automatically speak and think those positive affirmations without giving it a second thought.

When you say ‘I am’, say it with conviction.  Truly believe what you are saying.  You may struggle to believe the things you are saying are true, or will come true.  Say it like you
truly mean it.

Fake it until you make it!  

Eventually you will start to believe those things are true.  It may take 30 days, it may take 90 days, heck it may take a year or more, but I promise it will happen if you commit and trust the process.  You will start to believe the things you say you are.  You will believe the things you say you do & have.  Everything will change for you.

Whatever follows the words ‘I am’ eventually follows you.

A great way to practice this little exercise is to write your self affirmations and post them by your bathroom mirror.  When you are getting ready in the morning, read your affirmations out loud. Say it like you mean it! Say it with conviction!  Say it with truth!    It may fell weird when you first start.  It may be out of your comfort zone.  Over time, it will become habit and the change will be great!  You may be surprised at how quickly your thinking habits change and how quickly abundance comes into your life.  This will bring you closer to your true desires and life goals.

The way you think can alter everything in your life!

You were designed for greatness!  You deserve everything you want in life!  You are worth it!

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