unapologetic for who i am!

Persuasion to conform, made to feel less than and feelings of not being good enough are issues we all deal with on a daily basis.
I think it’s intoxicating when somebody is unapologetically who they are.

My father always set the Example to be who you are and not to give a thought about what others may think of you.  He is confident, smart and driven.  He’s not afraid to dive into and commit to something he believes in.

My parents have farmed for over 40 years.   They do very well for themselves.  My father is one of the best, if not the best, in his class.  All the other farmers in our area drive fancy, expensive pick up trucks. They like to show off what they got.  My dad drives a decent pick up truck.  Nothing fancy, no bells and whistle’s, it’s even got crank up windows.  He has this type a pick up because that’s what he likes. He could afford any kind of truck, and he chooses something modest.  Other farmers make comments that he should ‘upgrade.’  He’s happy with what he’s got.  He’s true to himself and he doesn’t let what others think alter his decisions.

Going against the grain, being genuine and unique in your actions, is admirable and brave. It sets a great example and encourages people to embrace themselves as they are. Beautiful to me, is someone who accepts their mind and body as they are. Only comparing yourself to yourself and no one else.  Making choices based on what truly makes you happy.  Being unapologetically who YOU are!


JLD xo ❤

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